As a digital nomad foodie, it’s hard to find the food you’ll love without expending a lot of time researching, visiting, trying places (and getting awful food many many times).

Our take

Weekly curated shared tasting experiences aimed at digital nomads starting in Bogotá.

Imagine: You’ll go to the greatest taco place in the world and you’ll be able to sample everything that’s good there without having to choose just one item you’re not sure is the best. You pay for the menu + $5 per experience and you can make sure you’ll be at a safe place, with good WiFi, really good food, and nice people (other digital nomads) to chat with if you want to.


The first experience will be live in April 2022 in Bogotá.

Want to join the first experience?

Just add your info here and we’ll reach out to you with more details soon. We’ll never spam you, we promise. We hate spam too 😬

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